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Shisha & Vape Limited Wholesale Specialize in selling Rechargeable Shisha Pens, Shisha Flavoured, Vape Kits, Disposables Vapes, E- Cigs Kits, Flavoured E-Liquids, Nicotine Salts E-Liquids and many other products. We aim to provide all luxury products at affordable wholesale prices.

The E-Shisha pen is a device that simulates the act of smoking a traditional Tobacco Cigarette or Shisha by producing an inhaled vapour with a flavour and either with or without nicotine, but most importantly without Tar, Tobacco and Carbon Monoxide.

With our Shisha Pens, nothing is lit or burnt and you can look forward to enjoying a smoke without the unpleasant cigarette odour.  Absolutely no offensive odours, no tobacco, no tar and no cancerous toxins.  100% legal to smoke anywhere.  Satisfy your nicotine craving without the passive smoking risks and experience a less expensive way of smoking than regular cigarettes.  Shisha Pen’s and Electronic Cigarettes look and feel like a regular cigarette and are available in a great range of flavours.

E Cigs come in various shapes and sizes, but mostly consist of these components: A small liquid reservoir (tank or cartridge), a heating element (the Atomizer) and a power source (the battery).  We offer disposable as well as reusable and refillable Shisha Pens and E-Cigarettes.

At Shisha & Vape Limited we understand with so many different systems out there it’s hard to decide which system is best for you.  We eliminate that problem for you as our product range offers you a variety of different styles, from basic to the more advance.

Like one says “what’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another”.

Shisha/ Vapour Pen can save the average smoker up to 80% compared to tobacco cigarettes, making e-cigs the perfect smoking alternative!

We stock all of the premier brands at the best prices… guaranteed!  “Experience your first electronic flavoured puff with us”.

“If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today” – Professor John Britton, Royal College of Physicians. 


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