Buy Starbuzz Hookah Charcoal


Buy Starbuzz Hookah Charcoal

Buy Starbuzz Hookah Charcoal Coconut hookah coals are now available with the convenience of quick lights! Starbuzz Coconut QL hookah charcoals combine the clean, long lasting, odorless heat of natural coconut hookah charcoal with the quick convenience of easy light hookah coals. I gave these coals a try with a bowl of Trifecta Peppermint Shake during a Super Bowl party. Buy Starbuzz Hookah Charcoal

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I was amazed at how easy they light up, how long they lasted and the clean taste. These coals had virtually no aftertaste that altered the flavor of our shisha. If you are looking for some of the best instant light coals on the market, definitely try the new Starbuzz Coconut coals.

Starbuzz Coconut Coal Size Options

Everyone has their own “perfect” set up, depending on how they like to smoke to their shisha. Some like it hot! Others want a less heat, for smoother smoke and longer lasting flavor. With the new Starbuzz Coals, the 2 size options give your customers the customization they are looking for. 35mm – 2 Coals for a lighter smoke or smaller bowl. Rotate as needed, and add a 3rd coal to extend your session after 30 minutes 40mm – 2 Coals for larger bowls or for a hotter, more intense session. If you still want to smoke after the first 45 minutes, a 3rd coal will take you through the end of your shisha.

Starbuzz Quad Cut Coconut Charcoal

You might be asking yourself, why on earth would I need charcoal cut in this shape? Well, these are made specifically to be used in your favorite heat management device, or “hmd.” Toss four of these in to make a complete circle in the HMD or only add a few, it’s all up to you! These coals will produce a long and and consistent smoke and you have the added bonus of being able to easily add/remove as opposed to trying to cram big bulky cubed coals into a HMD.

Buy Starbuzz Hookah Charcoal

Like the quad cut, these are made specifically for use in HMDs such as the Starbuzz Narhead or one of the many Kaloud Lotus options. These are slightly larger than the quad cut and you guessed it, three will make a perfect circle… Hence the name “TRI cut.” That last line should be imagined with Norm Macdonald’s (RIP) flawless delivery. Like the quads, these are made out of premium quality compressed coconut shells to provide a cleaner smoke and a much more pleasant smell than what a quick-lighting charcoal might.


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