Buy Wholesale Backwoods Online


Buy Wholesale Backwoods Online


Backwoods Cigars come in many great flavors which include Honey, Sweet Aromatic, Honey Berry, Dark Stout, Russian Cream, Honey Bourbon and Original. Unit contains 8 packs of 5 cigars.

Season: Everyday
Place of Origin: USA
Product name: Backwoods Cigars


Ignite your senses with Backwoods cigars

Imagine yourself deep in the heart of the Wild West, surrounded by uncharted wilderness. The crackling campfire dances in rhythm with your laughter, and the aroma of 100% tobacco fills the air. That’s the essence of Backwoods cigars – a taste of adventure, a touch of ruggedness, and a whole lot of satisfaction.

Our Backwoods come in packs of 5, perfect for a ‘me-time’ experience or sharing with friends. Each cigar is a hand-rolled masterpiece wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf. Once it is lighted, a smooth draw and an even burn invite you to kick back and indulge in America’s #1 smoke.

Backwoods for sale are as distinctive as your intrepid spirit. Whether you’re hiking through rugged terrains, casting a rod into the tranquil waters, or enjoying a night under the stars, these cigars adapt to any occasion. Try the golden taste of Honey, the invigorating aroma of Honey Bourbon, or the coffee-filled puff of Dark Stout. The rolled, packed size and tantalizing flavors of Backwoods ensure your smoke adventure is just a match strike away – wherever you go.

Order 5-cigar packs of Backwoods online at Shisha Hooker Palace to discover why America is betting on these cigars:

  • 100% all-natural tobacco
  • Authentic National Range flavors
  • All gentle-tasting hints are preserved during shipping
  • Worldwide delivery
  • The best wholesale price per pack

Puff your way into the Wild West. There’s no need to wonder where to buy Backwoods wholesale to avoid fake flavors. The authenticity of these cigars and untamed flavors is guaranteed.


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