Adalya Premium Flavors 250g


Adalya Premium Flavors 250g


New to America, Adalya Hookah Tobacco was founded in 2003 and shisha production is based in Turkey. The largest manufacturer of hookah shisha in Turkey and the second largest in the world. Over 20 sensational shisha flavors are available in the U.S. including the beloved Love 66. High quality Virginia tobacco with premium ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, molasses and natural flavoring.

Hookah shisha made from only the highest quality ingredients including Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and all-natural flavoring additives. A smoke very similar to the famous Al-Fakher Tobacco brand but with more exotic and creative hookah blends to choose from.

Popular for unique, creative shisha blends, Adalya Tobacco has caught the hearts of hookah enthusiasts around the world with flavors like Love 66 and Lady Killer. Other attractive blends include the exotic Hawaii, Baku Nights, Blue Lychee, Mango Tango, Swiss Bonbon and the oddly named Tynky Wynky.

A plastic tub of 250g tobacco is perfect for Adalya flavors you have taken a liking to. If you have several favorites, grab a 250g of each and store some away for future use. Enjoy on average, 15-20 hookah bowls with each 250g plastic tub from Adalya Tobacco!



Adalya Premium Flavors 250g

Adalya shisha is made using a blonde, Virginia-Leaf tobacco that contains .05 percent nicotine so you don’t have to worry about a crazy head buzz. This low nicotine level, combined with their bold flavors, means Adalya can be enjoyed by beginners and hookah enthusiasts alike. Other ingredients include molasses, vegetable glycerin, and Adalya’s secret flavoring blends. Adalya Premium Flavors 250g, buy Adalya Premium Flavors 250g in Perth, bulk supplier of Adalya Premium Flavors 250g, Adalya Flavors order

Descriptions: Adalya Premium Flavors 250g for sale

Brand Adalya
Size 250g Plastic Tub (Contains Nicotine)
Smoking Sessions Approximately 10 to 15 bowls
Country of Manufacture Turkey
Ingredients Tobacco, molasses, glycerin, and flavors
Shisha Flavors Angel Lips (Blackberry Watermelon Mint), Bagdadi (Grape, Peach, Berry, Mint), Baku Nights (Fruit Mix with Mint), Berlin Nights (Peach with Mint), Blue Dragon (Dragon Fruit with Menthol), Blueberrys (Blueberry with Menthol), Blue Mln (Melon with Menthol), Blue Orange (Blueberry Orange), Delons (Double Melon Ice), English Lord (Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Mint), Exagelado (Grape Lemon Mint), Havana (Mint, Orange, Strawberry), Hawaii (Mango, Pineapple with Mint), Jamaican Vibes (Pear, Strawberry, Menthol), JK777 (Acai Grape Mint), Lady Killer (Mango, Melon, Berries with Mint), Love 66 (Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Melon with Mint), Madagascar Nights (Lychee with Menthol), MNG TNGS (Mango, Passion Fruit with Menthol), Mi Amor (Pineapple Banana Menthol), Mint, Orange Mint, Sky Fall (Peach Watermelon Mint), Strawberry Splash, The Two Apples (Anise), Watermelon (Watermelon Ice)
Health Warning Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy
Age Restriction Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco products

*Depending on the size of your bowl and how you pack

Each Adalya flavor arrives in its own resealable 250 gram jar that will contain enough shisha for approximately 15-20 hookah sessions*.

Angel Lips – A sweet blend of blackberry, watermelon, and mint
Baku Nights – A fruit cocktail flavor with an infusion of cooling mint
Berlin Nights – The taste of natural peach with a minty exhale
Blue Dragon – Undertones of menthol with the exotic flavor of Dragon Fruit
Blue MLN – Smooth, subtly sweet melon mixed with cool menthol
Blue Orange – Sweet blueberry and citrus orange
Blueberrys – A delicious twist on the classic flavor of blueberry mint!
Delons – Twice the melons and a pinch of mint
Exagelado – Great tasting grape, citrus lemon with a subtle sourness, and minty menthol
Hawaii – A tropical blend of mango and pineapple complemented with refreshing mint
JK777 – The acai berry, sweet grape, and smooth mint make up this blend
Lady Killer – A well known blend of mango, melon, mixed berries, and mint
Love 66 – Passion fruit, watermelon, and cooling mint create this world famous shisha flavor
Madagascar Nights – The exotic sweetness of the Lychee fruit mixed with mint
Mi Amor – Pineapple, banana, and mint come together to create this unique twist on the tropics
Mint – A refreshingly cool mint shisha
Skyfall – A candy sweet blend of peach, watermelon, and mint
Strawberry Splash – It’s like a strawberry banana smoothie made with fresh mint leaves!
The Two Apples – Adalya’s take on the classic flavor of double apple with strong notes of anise (licorice)
Watermelon – A candied watermelon shisha that’s on the sweet side

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